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Where to Buy LED TVs

Consumers many times question where to buy LED TVs, especially since there are so many options. Looking at all the options before purchasing can save consumers a lot of time, money and possible headaches.

Options of Where to Buy LED TVs

There are many options of where someone can purchase an LED TV including department stores, electronic stores, on the web, rental centers, and many other outlets. Many people choose to do their initial research online to see what features are available, along with on what models these higher quality features are offered.

Wholesale Stores

A great option of where to buy LED TVs at a lower cost are wholesales stores. Some of these stores include Costco, Samís Club, and BJs, among others. A disadvantage of these stores is their limited supply, but if you can find the model you want at one of these stores, you can usually pick up a great bargain.

Department Stores

One of the options of where to buy LED TVs includes department stores. Some of the department stores that offer LED LCD televisions include Target, Meijer, Sears, Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer. These stores have a wider selection than wholesale stores at a little higher price.

Consumer Electronics Stores

A great option to view a large variety of televisions and make picture quality comparisons is at consumer electronics stores. Some of these stores include Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radio Shack, among others. Make sure to take a pad and pen with you so you can write down your favorite picks, along with features and prices.

Website Stores

One of the places to find exceptional pricing would be website stores. These include manufacturerís websites,,,, department store websites, consumer electronics store websites, wholesale store websites and many others. This is a great choice when you have the time to search for the best deal.

Additional Costs to Consider

As well as the actual cost of the television, when deciding where to buy LED TVs, consumers should consider additional costs that may be included. Warranty, installation, delivery, financing options and payment plans, repairs that are to be made either in-home or at the store, all need to be considered before making a decision.

The Total Cost, Not Just the Purchase Price

Calculating the full ownership cost of the chosen television can help to determine where the TV should be purchased. Figure out the cost to purchase the TV, including the cost of gas if itís being picked up at the store and any additional parts needed for set-up. All these costs add up to the true cost of the television.

Research is necessary before deciding where to buy LED TVs. Decide what features and size are wanted, then do research online before going to stores to check out the picture quality. After deciding exactly which model is to be purchased, check out the sales ads, check online, and shop at your local stores to find the best price available.