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Vizio LED TV

VIZIO, which was founded in 2002, is the fastest growing HDTV and consumer electronics company in the U.S. They’re known for redefining high definition, making their televisions for everyone while using greener methods. They became the #1 LCD shipping manufacturer in North America in 2009 and the VIZIO LED TV has continued to make great strides in the LED television market.

VIZIO LED TV’s ECO Series and XVT Series

VIZIO’s ECO series offers HDTVs that are energy efficient and exceed the current Energy Star® guidelines by more than 15%. The series was created for those looking for a more modern, chic design with no compromise on technology. Their XVT series offers cutting edge features, 1080p screen resolution, 240Hz, and advanced sound technologies. Other features include a complete home theater setup that includes High Def sound, HDMI cable and a Blu-ray® player. VIZIO recently released this latest LED technology at a very affordable price, without sacrificing features.


VIZIO’s VF551XVT TruLED television is an LED backlit TV that includes a high contrast ratio with a dimming feature to achieve deep blacks, brighter colors and less blooming, solid dejudder processing, wireless internet applications to stream movies and shows, listen to music or get the latest updates, 5 HDMI and 1 PC input, 240Hz refresh rate to reduce motion blur, and a noise reduction feature. The “Via” VF552XVT includes all the features of the VF551XVT television, but includes a compelling feature package with Bluetooth remote, wi-fi to include Facebook and Twitter, an illuminated row of “tech logos” on the left side, and a whole host of other progressive features.


This VIZIO LED TV is less expensive than other local dimming LED based LCDs yet still produces deep black levels and excellent brightness, controls blooming very well, and includes superb streaming and widget content via an Apps platform, solid uniformity, integrated wi-fi, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. They also have a quick response time on their web TV and Apps, which are very easy to use. This television is perfect for those that want a high quality television at a lower price.

VIZIO LED TVs Release Mobile Televisions

Early in 2010, VIZIO released their new mobile television series to the market. There are three Razor LED models that have a depth of less than 1”, one of which is capable of receiving broadcasts using a mobile / handheld platform that can also be used in moving vehicles. Their VMB070 has a 7” display, the VMB090 has a 9” display, and the VMB100 has a 10” display, and their prices normally range from $150 - $230. Where available, the VMB090 and VMB100 can receive the new ATSC-M/H signals to deliver over-the-air signals that can be received by phones, laptops, portable media players, and navigation devices.

The American-made VIZIO LED TV is an excellent, high quality television at an exceptional price. Consumers who purchase any of their televisions should find that they’ve not sacrificed quality to get a lower cost.