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Toshiba LED TV

The Toshiba LED TV has superior processing that creates a superior picture. The rich, true colors, clarity, and amazing picture quality really impress the eye. As a leader in technology, Toshiba introduced its LED television incorporating FocalLight technology with Local Dimming and ClearScan 240 motion enhancement, which demonstrates their best-in-class picture performance.

Toshiba’s Improved Picture Quality

Toshiba’s improved picture quality has made it a front-runner in the LED television market. Their new REGZA line of premium LCD/LED televisions elevates the viewing experience by using its processing power to create new levels of picture quality. As well, next generation connectivity and an industry-leading cosmetic design were added to create the new experience.

Toshiba LED TV REGZA Models

The newly improved Toshiba REGZA models set themselves apart from the competition with many advanced picture technology features including the new FocalLight LED backlight with specialized dimming for incredible picture contrast, amazing picture quality with fast-motion video, video processing, and automatic picture adjustment. Other features include a USB port, SD card slot, HDMI inputs and high resolution PC input.

Advanced Sound Quality on REGZA Models

Part of the progressive sound quality, that is as pleasing as the picture quality, is the included Dolby volume sound leveling and EQ. Toshiba is the first television company to incorporate new Dolby volume to solve every consumer’s problem using a system developed to create a consistent volume level – even during commercials and channel changes. Every buyer is going to love this feature!

UX600 Series Toshiba LED TV

The UX600 series offers a breakthrough picture quality and is ready with NET TV for online, built in wi-fi access to several programs including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Pandora. Toshiba partnered with VUDU, bringing 1080p HD movies with surround sound on demand. This television also features a gaming mode, local dimming, deep black levels and extensive picture adjustments, is only 2” deep, and has an eye catching design.

The SV670 and the ZV650 Models

The SV670 costs less, gives great blacks and a great picture quality that is comparable to plasma TVs, LED backlighting, better energy efficiency, improved detail, 240Hz, is eco-friendly, and has anti-reflective properties. The ZV650 is perfect for sports and action movie fans and features ClearScan 240 technology, USB port, SD card, 4 HDMI inputs, and backlight scanning to obtain a 240Hz effect, creating greater clarity in past paced scenes.

The XV648 Model

The lowest cost series is the REGZA XV648 that features ambient lighting to enhance the viewing experience by 30% in brighter rooms and Dolby volume control, keeping the volume level consistent even when changing channels and during commercials. The sharp picture quality and advanced features make this television a great bargain.

Any of the updated Toshiba LED TVs would be a great buy for the money, with exceptional features that will dramatically improve your television viewing experience.