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Sharp LED TV

Sharp LED TV offers LCD televisions with LED backlit technology known as AQUOS LED TV. This particular model was created to provide consumers with a television that is affordable yet still offers superior picture quality. Furthermore, its environmental performance is also found to be quite valuable to buyers. Sharp strives to deliver LED televisions that offer high quality performance as well as competitive pricing. They are able to do so by manufacturing key elements of the televisions themselves, such as LED components, and the LCD panel.

Sharp LED TV Includes Excellent Picture Quality

AQUOS LED system uses LED backlit technology to create extreme contrast levels of brightness and darkness within the television. This model incorporates a variety of LED diodes that are dispersed behind the diffuser which provides both consistent color and image clarity throughout the entire display. Furthermore, this model includes an impressive 1080 resolution and 10-bit processing in the LCD panel. There are advanced pixels that are utilized as a means to control the image while still creating high contrast in light and darks. The X-Gen panel of this model provides opportunity for more light to pass through the screen to improve image clarity. It offers an impressive dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 for vibrant colors.

Excellent Design of Sharp LED TV

Aside from having excellent image quality, the AQUOS LED model is manufactured with LED technology that uses eco-friendly improvements. There is less power consumption in this model due to the light output and power wattage of luminance created by the LED backlight system, otherwise known as UltraBrilliant. Furthermore, lower power consumption is achieved with the models adjustment of brightness during installation. In fact, the AQUOS LED model has the lowest power consumption of any LCD television available on the market. Therefore, this model offers the consumer excellent image quality, affordability, and eco-friendly improvements through precise LED light output.

Connecting to Other Appliances with Sharp TV

The Sharp LED TV AQUOS LED model is very easily connected to other electronic devices. This television offers a variety of connections that make it compatible with virtually everything. It provides connectors for HDMI and USB, offers two video inputs, and is compatible with Blue-Ray signals and also popular gaming devices. Furthermore, this model is also capable of serving as a monitor for a home computer. This Sharp television model is 1080p and therefore compatible with other similar devices of this resolution.

Also, each model comes equipped with ATSC, QAM and NTSC tuner that can be used for analog tuning and can be seamlessly integrated with items that involve use of a single remote control. Moreover, this model also happens to include a USB hookup for a photo and music player that offers high resolution digital viewing and excellent MP3 playback. Sharp manufactures a full line of LED televisions, but the AQUOS LED is among its most popular, affordable, and offers the widest selection of features and compatibility.