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Samsung LED TV

These days the Samsung LED TV line is going through great efforts to produce high quality televisions at affordable costs. These televisions feature edge lit LED-based LCD advanced technology with extremely efficient power consumption. Furthermore, their Luxia line is very sleek and slim at just a mere 1.2 inches thick. This thickness of these televisions is possible with the LED lighting system that each of these models contain. This full line offers advanced technology as well as design without costing a bundle.

Series UN55B700 Samsung LED TV

The Samsung UN55BB700 is the lowest affordable of the Luxia line. Its price tag is between $2,100 and $3,000. Although this Samsung LED TV is among the cheapest, it does not skimp on features. Therefore, since this TV is so reasonably priced is becoming one of the more popular TVs, even more popular than the other models in this series. Truthfully, individuals that are in the market for an extremely affordable LED TV that is still packed with features will most likely choose this version.

Samsung LED Television Series UNB7000

The UNB7000 LED TV model is the next in line for affordability and features. Similar to the previous version discussed, this version provides an extreme set of valuable features such as weak-able dejudder mode and extensive picture adjustments. However, it is true to say that testing of this model will show that although more expensive than the UN55B700, it is still of lesser quality. Some of the quality issues include lack of uniformity, and decreased angle viewing quality. Furthermore, a consumer might find that the LED back light of this model comes with distracting fluctuations. Because of this, this particular model falls lowest in performance. In any case, the design of this model still sets a high standard among all of the televisions in the Luxia line.

Samsung Series UNB7000

This Samsung LED TV model provides a slim monitor and sleek design that measure 55 inches. Moreover, the 240 Hz refresh rate of this model helps to lessen the blur in scenes with extreme motion. Aside from these outstanding features, this television model also provides a favorable experience for the viewer with a HD resolution of 1920x1080 while still providing power consumption at 40% reduced usage of traditional LCD televisions. Many consumers will find this a very favorable feature due to the eco-friendly quality. This feature is offered by all Samsung LED TV models as well as multiple color temperature presets and up to four aspect ratios.

Finally, this model comes with local dimming technology that provides capabilities for the consumer to adjust LED diodes in an effort to emphasize detail in scenes that are extra dark. Furthermore, this model also provides connectors that will allow a viewer to attach other electronics to enjoy streaming movies and music directly over the internet. It comes with a number of connection options including HDMI, USB connections, audio components, and also the ability to attach a home computer to play games and videos directly on the TV screen.