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Philips LED TV

Currently Phillips LED TV models are available with LED edge lit systems in two different versions. The 8000 series at 40 inch 40PFL8664H is a screen that has an extremely slim size of 28 mm., and the 9000 series in 40 inch 40PFL9803At and 46 inch 46PFL9704H that are featured with LED local dimming backlight systems which produce excellent picture quality. However, the 9000 series 42 inch 42PFL9803 with local dimming is still available as this was the first HDTV created by Philips.

Best Features of Phillips LED Television

At this time, there are two Philips LED TV models that are completely HD ready with incredible pictures at 1920x1080p resolution -which is the highest resolution possible. Any Philips LED television available will feature a free view tuner that can receive digital signals and LED backlit TV technology. Furthermore, the Philips line of televisions that use LED technologies are up to 40% more efficient with power consumption. Therefore, this model is a favorable option since it offers lower energy consumption as well as a longer life than traditional LCD or plasma televisions.

Ambilight Spectra in Phillips LED TV

Another feature that is available in all Philips LED TV models is Ambilight Spectra. This impressive feature adds to the viewing experience by creating a glow from the back of the television that will project on the wall behind it. Furthermore, this feature can adjust both color and brightness automatically to match the picture correctly to enhance its viewer’s experience. Philips no longer uses the antiquated CCFL system but rather includes an LED Lux backlight system which uses over 1000 LED diodes located behind the LCD screen. These LEDs are extremely effective in the local dimming technology that creates a higher contrast in the dark and bright areas within a picture, to provide an image with more clarity.

Sharper Images with Phillips LED Television

The Philips LED TV model PFL9803 is 1080P provides a viewer with clear images and smooth motion with a 100 Hz clear LCD screen. This option that creates vibrant images, while increasing sharpness, and reproduction of motion, has more impressive rates than conventional technologies. Simply put, the performance rate of this model has twice the response time. Furthermore, this model is packed with features such as an automatic tuning system, parental control ease, picture in picture, and teletext.

A Closer Look at the PFL9803

The PFL9803 is an extremely impressive Phillips LED TV model with an impressive sound system that includes four speakers, two subwoofers, one tweeter, sound enhancement, Digital signal processing, graphic equalizer and Dolby Digital to produce top of the line sounds. Aside from an impressive sound quality, this model is compatible with other equipment due to the connection options such as HDMI connections, USB, Ethernet, and audio connections. It is possible to hook this model up to almost anything as it can easily be connected to your home computer, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, stereo, or home theater.