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Panasonic LED TV

There are a number of television models with various imaging features available with Panasonic LED TV technology in their LCD televisions. Although there are similarities in their plasma line, Panasonic has decided to use LCD for all of its smaller range television models. However, it has been decided that 3D technology will not play a large role in the LCD models. The company has decided to keep its 3D technology for the plasma television market exclusively. The LCD televisions with LED TV technology will still offer many features.

Panasonic LED TV Technology

The LED and LCD technology are commonly manufactured in V20 series and both 42 inch and 32 inch sizes. The 200 backlight intelligent frame creation Pro can be found in both sizes. Moreover, both sizes also provide an impressive dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. Aside from these features, they also include wide angle viewing feature of better quality through an advanced IPS panel as well as intelligent scene controller. As for the D28 LCD series, they are manufactured in 37 inch, 32 inch, 22 inch, and 19 inch sizes. While only 37 and 32 inch sizes are complete HD with a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, all D28 LCD series are manufactured with panels that are IPS LED LCDs.

Panasonic LED TV in Other Models

The smaller Panasonic television sets with LED technology each come with special connections for the iPod and iPhone. Furthermore, these smaller models are the in the Panasonic line as they are 1.5 inches wide. Similar to the D28 line the D25 versions are also produced with IPS LED LCD technology. These models are manufactured in 42 inch, 37 inch and 32 in sizes and also feature 2,000,000:1 dynamic image contrast ratio.

Similar Technology to Plasma

The Panasonic TV G20 and S20 are named after their plasma counterparts. However, these versions come with much smaller screens in the 37 inch and 32 inch size. Viera Cast and Viera Link can be found in the G20 series along with an impressive contrast ratio of 1000,000:1a. Furthermore, this model offers technology with 200 blinking intelligent frame creation Pro as the backlight. The S20 television model also houses intelligent frame creation Pro at 100 Hz when an intelligent scene controller and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1. However, this model does not offer Viera cast. Although both models offer features of better viewing at varying angles, they are not a part of the Panasonic LED TV line.

X20 Series Panasonic TV

Finally, the X20 series television should be considered. This model is offered in 30 2H, 26 inch, and 22 inch versions. Furthermore, each version is equipped with IPS Alpha technology that will also offer help when viewing at angles. The X20 model provides an impressive image contrast of 50,000:1 as well as motion picture playback with Viera image viewing. Although this model also contains no Panasonic LED technology, the features are still impressive at a very affordable price. The X20 model in all sizes, as well as all Panasonic LED TV models is widely available in stores throughout the country.