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LED TVs 10 Things You Need To Know

LED TVs have become increasingly popular due to their low power consumption, sleek design, excellent image quality, and compatibility with other devices. There are a number of models available with many different features in different price ranges that are created by different manufacturers. It may be difficult to choose which television is right for you. In fact, there are a number of questions that need to be answered. Therefore, there are 10 things you need to know about LED TVs to help make an educated decision.

Point 1:
The first point is that an LED television is by no means new. Truthfully, it is an LCD television that now incorporates backlit light emitting diodes without traditional fluorescent lights.
Point 2:
Second, picture settings on an LED television are extremely important when it comes to receiving image quality that the model is capable of. The best high-definition technology in the world will not matter if it is not set up correctly.
Point 3:
Third, the configuration of the model involves local dimming adjustments. The local dimming LED backlights that can be found in each model offers the possibility to dim or turn off as needed, to reduce lights that are allowed through the screen.
Point 4:
Fourth, LED TVs with edge-lit technology do not offer the image uniformity that can be found with the LED dynamic RGB technology.
Point 5:
Number 5 on the top LED TVs 10 things you need to know continues with a discussion of LED backlighting. The fifth point to consider is; although angle viewing still provides an excellent picture, the image quality of the television will always be best directly in front of the screen.
Point 6:
Furthermore, the Sixth consideration is to understand that LED backlit technology is significantly more power efficient than standard fluorescent backlighting of traditional television.
Point 7:
Seventh, there are two standard LED backlight configurations. There are the full arrays located behind the screen and the edge-lit lighting where LED lights are located around the edge of the display.
Point 8:
The eighth thing that needs to be understood is that LED picture quality will continue to improve as backlight technology improves.
Point 9:
The ninth thing that should be understood is that image quality with an LED television is comparable to that of the picture quality of a plasma TV. Most owners would agree that the picture is amazing.
Point 10:
Finally number ten shows that the price may be higher in some cases, but the quality of these televisions cannot be denied. However, as the competition increases, the prices continue to decrease as well.
While there are both advantages and disadvantages inherent in LED TVs, the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages according to consumer reports and surveys. These are the “LED TVs 10 Things You Need to Know.”