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LED TV Sizes

LED TVís vary in screen size and are available anywhere from 32 inches to 70 inches in diameter. Keep in mind that these dimensions apply only to the screen size and not the entire television. Aside from the difference in screen sizes, LED televisions will also vary in features. A good way to understand the differences in these features is to know that larger televisions generally have much faster refresh rates. For instance, it is possible for a 55 inch LED television to use a 240 Hz refresh rate, while a model with a 46 inch green may use 120 Hz.

55 Inch LED TV Specifications

The actual specifications of LED TV sizes with a 55 inch screen are generally 52 x 1.2 x 31.4. Furthermore, it is typical for the entire model to weigh roughly 51 pounds. However, this is just a general guideline as there are a number of factors that the actual dimensions will depend on. It may be that the television model comes with a television stand. If a particular model does come with a stand, it is more than likely that the overall specifications will be smaller, as well as lighter in weight, without the TV stand. In these situations the television will still weigh approximately 50 pounds when combined with the stand.

46 Inch LED TV Specifications

The approximate dimensions of the 46 inch LED TVs are roughly 3.1 x 43.9 x 27.8 inches with the average weight of around 44 pounds. Furthermore, in most cases a 46 inch model is a high definition television. Moreover, LED TV sizes of this style will most likely include USB and HDMI connectors while having a response time of 4ms. If the television stand is included with a model of this size, then the dimensions will most likely change to 51.5 x 34.4 x 12 in. with a weight of approximately 60 pounds.

32 Inch LED TV Specifications

32 inch model LED TV sizes are usually approximately 30 pounds in weight. Furthermore, it is likely that each model will measure 30.2 x 10.8 x 21.8 inches. LED televisions of this size almost always come with connectors for computer terminals and HDMI. Naturally, exact specifications of all televisions will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, it is safe to assume that larger television models will offer the consumer a greater number of features. It is also true that as more manufacturers enter this market, more options, shapes, and sizes become available.

Features Other than Options in LED TV Sizes

Each LED television model, regardless of size, television stand, or manufacturer, will vary greatly in price and contrast ratios. It is natural for higher priced LED televisions to provide ratios of 5,000,000 to 1 while larger LED television models very often come with surround sound speakers and possibly sub woofers. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for many models to include games and other applications for recipes, news, weather, among other things. In fact, there are even some models that have internet capability. The LED TV is an extremely advanced television.