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LED TV Repair

LCD televisions with LED technology have become extremely popular these days. However, there are times when a pixel in the display can become stuck or dead. A stuck or dead pixel consists of a single point on the display that will be constantly lit or dark. This is normally caused by a malfunction in transistors or misplaced distribution of liquid in the LCD, otherwise known as liquid crystal display. However, LED TV repair is possible and it may not be necessary to buy a new television.

Using Pressure for LED TV Repair

One method for LED TV repair will involve using pressure to fix the display. This is accomplished by retrieving a damp washcloth to avoid scratches and a pen or something similar. Place the pen inside the folded washcloth to avoid puncturing or scratching the monitor. Place the instrument where the dead pixel is located and apply gentle pressure through the folded washcloth. Be careful not to create additional stuck pixels by applying pressure in an area where no defective pixels exist. When the washcloth and pen are in place on the stuck pixel, turn the television on. At this point remove the washcloth and a stuck pixel should be repaired.

Try Tapping for TV Repair

LED TV repair can also be accomplished through trapping. A black image on the screen will make the stuck pixel apparent against the dark background as the LED should be illuminating behind the panel. Use a sharpie marker with the cap and tap the stuck pixel gently until a white glow is noticed. Although the tap must be gentle, be aware that if no white glow is noticed slightly more pressure is needed. Continue to tap the pixel lightly until the pixel repairs itself. At this point, displaying a white screen will help verify that the pixel is actually fixed and not damaged further. If the pixel is still stuck, repeat the process.

LED TV Repair with PixelTuneup

There are other solutions such as PixelTuneup for LED TV repair. PixelTuneup is a handheld device capable of repairing the video signals and stuck pixels to enhance image quality, color and contrast. This device can also be used on other video display devices such as plasma and CRT computer monitors. Turn off the television and set up the PixelTuneup device, then turn the television on once more. After approximately 20 minutes turn the television back off and remove the device and the stuck pixels should be removed and image quality improved.

PixelTuneup can be used to repair other situations such as burn in, ghosting and image retention as well as stuck pixels. It is not necessary to buy a brand new television as this device is extremely beneficial in LED TV repair. This device is the first of its kind to offer solutions for improved picture quality and repair. In fact, it was design specifically to fix stuck pixels. Finally, use of this device can also help protect a television from burn in due to static imaging through regular use.