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LED TV Pros and Cons

People who plan to purchase an LED TV almost always consider the LED TV pros and cons first before heading out to a store to get one. Anyone who wants to know about advantages and disadvantages of an LED TV can gain some helpful insight contained in this article.

The Pros: Picture Quality

Perhaps the single most noteworthy advantage of having a Led TV is that you will be able to experience vivid TV viewing, better than what an LCD could do. The black levels are significantly improved, allowing for the blackest colors. Additionally, because it is LED-based, the brightness is really different from that of LCDs that make use of fluorescent bulbs.

The Pros: Energy Efficiency

Aside from picture quality, another great thing about Led TVs would be its ability to be energy efficient, allowing for up to 50% savings in power consumption. On average, LED TVs would only cost you less than $30 a year in electricity. When you take into consideration the amount of money you will save in 10 years, you will get a very sizeable savings already!

The Cons: Price

As with all electronic products out in the market today, there are also some downsides to LED TVs. But the good news is that there are surprisingly only a few cons. First would have to be the price. It is no secret that Led TVs cost more than a traditional LCD but with good reason. For something that is clearly a better option, it makes sense for it to be slightly more expensive.
The Cons: Wall Mount

Another downside would be the dimensional depth. Some units have up to 6-inch depth, which makes it somewhat difficult to mount the TV to the wall. However, this is a generalization and not all LED TVs are having this issue. Besides, there are always clamps and support panels you can purchase at a local hardware store in order to fix this issue. And newer LED TVs are the new slim line version which eliminates this problem in most cases.

The Bottom Line – Value for Price

In order to establish value, it is necessary to carefully look into the Led TV pros and cons, and at the same time, consider what it is you really want in a television. For people who want only the best and most advanced TV technology, then without doubt, it’s all worth it. If you are concerned about the price, it has been said that LED TVs last longer than the traditional LCD, and most definitely longer lasting than a Plasma TV.

Buying a LED TV is a big investment. Many of today’s popular brands cost around two thousand dollars or more. Thus, it is imperative to weigh the Led TV pros and cons first in order to make a sound buying decision. Hopefully, this article has given you a very good idea on the LED TV pros and cons, to help you decide whether buying one is really worth it or not.