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LED TV Prices

When buying an item, two factors rank high which are quality and price. There are times when people sacrifice quality for the price, and other times when people do not even care how expensive it is so as long as it is the best, in terms of quality. This article will focus on the newest in TV technology, which is LED TV and LED TV prices for the latest releases today. This serves to help potential buyers find competitive LED TV prices without necessarily sacrificing quality.

The Cost Factor of an LED TV

While many consumers question whether or not LED TVs are expensive, the answer to this question would depend on what they consider as “expensive.” The pricing of LED TVs is usually relative to its size, and the kind of LED technology embedded into it. Edge-lit LED backlighting is cheaper than if you would choose one that has local dimming LED backlighting. The selling price for LED TVs today can be as low as $1,200 to as high as $4,000. Note that this price range is for good quality brands already, and people can get something that’s less than the prices stated here for less known brands.

Cheapest LED TV Prices

People who do not have a lot of money to spend on a new television set need not worry about being unable to purchase a LED TV. As mentioned, there are units that can be yours for $1,200, which is almost close to the cost of buying a regular LCD of the same size. At the moment, the Sharp Aquos LC-46LE700UN, a 46-inch LED TV can be bought for as low as $1,295.00, whereas the Toshiba 46SV670U, another 46-inch unit can be yours for only $1,555.00. People who are under a budget can still own a really good quality LED TV.

High Priced LED TVs

People who want the best of the best can opt for the most prestigious models available today. The highest LED TV prices would be that of Sony’s Bravia XBR 52XBR10 at $4,499.00 and Samsung’s UN55B8500. The Sony unit is 52 inches wide, while Samsung is 55 inches. Both are equipped with the most advanced features in LED technology such as Progressive Scanning and a 1920 X 1080 resolution for the finest viewing experience. These are the top end models and are ideal for those who will settle only for the best TV that money can buy.

Comparing Prices

LED TV prices vary from seller to seller. You can expect some stores to charge you a few hundred dollars more for a particular model than others. Thus, it is always important to compare prices in order to find good deals. Those who do not take time to scout for prices often end up paying more than they should. Before buying an LED TV, check out several stores first. A great thing about the Internet today is that you can shop and compare prices easily, so take advantage of this.

LED TVs can be cheap or expensive, depending on the brand and the size you want. But the one thing you need to remember is that you will never go wrong in buying the most advanced TV technology. If you want the crispest and most natural images and a TV that you can boast to family and friends, LED TV is your best choice.