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LED TV Picture Quality

Much has been said about the picture quality of LCD TVs, but people can become a bit confused when looking to find information specifically for LED TV picture quality. The reason being is that LED TVs are relatively new to the market, or at least, newer than LCD and Plasma TVs. This article will focus on LED TV picture quality, and to give some advice to those who are thinking about buying this fast-rising breed of high-tech television sets.

Features that Enhance LED TV Picture Quality

LED TVs make use of the same LCD screen as that of a traditional LCD TV, however, what makes the former stand out is the backlighting technology that it uses, which is equipped with light-emission diodes (LED). This technology is what enables it to provide amazingly vivid images, with deep blacks and crisp whites. Brightness and darkness of each hue can be adjusted in ways that has never been possible before, producing cinema-like detailed images and raising industry standards a notch higher.

Comparing LCD TV and LED TV Picture Quality

LCD TVs were released much earlier than LED TVs, and the difference in terms of picture quality can be very noticeable. The main issue with LCD TVs is that its picture quality is not so good, especially when you check it up close, as well as for enlarged images. LED TVs were in fact created to fill the gap that LCD TVs have, in terms of giving viewers more vibrant, realistic, and colorful images. LED TVs can have a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, or higher, while LCD TVs have around 30,000:1 only. This says a lot about the luminance difference between the two.

Comparing Plasma TV and LED TV Picture Quality

Many experts agree that the picture quality of Plasma and LED TVs are quite comparable. In the past, Plasma gained superiority over LCD TVs in terms of vividness, dimming capabilities, and resolution however with the introduction of LED TVs, black scenes and bright details are at par for both. Then again, it could vary from brand to brand, as well as for different models so it is always advisable to check a unit’s capabilities especially for picture quality before deciding to purchase.

The Most Recommended LED TV Models for 2010

Many TV manufacturers have joined the bandwagon and are now utilizing LED technology to improve their products’ picture quality. It is possible to find so many LED TVs out in the market today. However, of all the units available, some are undoubtedly better than the rest. Among the most recommended LED TVs in terms of picture quality are: Samsung UN46B8000, LG 47LH90, LG Infinia 47LE8500, and the Vizio VF552XVT. Other models are not mentioned here, but these 4 are currently the top-ranking LED TVs for this year.

There is no doubt that the picture quality of LED TVs has greatly improved people’s TV viewing experience. But as mentioned, the quality could vary from one product to another. However, picture quality is generally great for all LED TVs but it may be wise to consider carefully the brand that you will go with.