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LED TV Manufacturers

For those who are interested in purchasing LED TVs, they should take the brand name into consideration. Choosing a reputable brand almost always guarantees a much better product quality, when compared to unknown brands. This article will give you the top LED TV Manufacturers in the country today, along with the different product models that have helped bring more accolades to their name.


Samsung has been around for 7 decades. It is one of the highly respected LED TV manufacturers that have introduced countless innovative ideas to the American people and the rest of the world. Samsung has released several LED TV series that come in various sizes from 32-inches to 55 inches. The company’s current LED TV series boasts of local dimming LED technology that is capable of producing vivid images. Their LED TVs can change colors from the darkest black to the purest white.


Sharp Electronics Corporation is known around the world for providing value for money products. A company that has always dedicated itself to providing good quality innovative products, Sharp has manufactured several amazing LED TV models, including the much-desired LC52LE700UN, a 52-inch LED TV with a 4 ms response time. Its LCD TVs come in many sizes, from 20 inches to 65 inches, all of them promising to live up to its brand name, “Sharp.”


The LG experience is nothing short of stylish and fun. The company leads many other LED TV manufacturers in taking the extra mile to ensure that consumers are happy with the TV that they have bought. All of its products have designs of the highest standards, and one that needs to be mentioned here is the LG 55LH90. This TV is among the very few that has a THX certification and uses LED-backlighting technology, with the ability to refresh at 240 Hz.


Vizio has claimed to be the current #1 LCD HDTV manufacturer in the U.S. A new but fast-growing company, Vizio promises to revolutionize people’s TV viewing experience with environmentally friendly technologies and more affordable models. Its LED TVs are equipped with Razor LED backlighting to produce razor-like picture quality. The Vizio VF551XVT is a slim 55-inch LCD with an all-black screen, plus 5 HDMI inputs. Vizio gives buyers amazingly good quality LED TVs at a price they can afford.


Toshiba is well known for their laptops and laptop accessories, as well as for being one of the top LED TV manufacturers. Its latest LED TV series are Regza and UX600, all of them built on 1080p. Sizes range from 40 inches to 54.6 inches. The company’s number one model is the 55SV670U, which makes use of LED backlighting technology enabling it to produce the truest black and white colors. With a very fast refresh rate of 240 Hz and 4 HDMI inputs, this LED TV has certainly help boost the manufacturer’s brand.

There are more than a dozen LED TV manufacturers. Some names are easy to recognize and some aren’t. It is always wise to go with a trusted brand, especially when looking to buy something that is worth at least a thousand dollars.