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When buying an electronic product, it is always a smart idea to check its life expectancy. It makes sense to put this into consideration especially if the product costs thousands of dollars. This is something that people wanting to buy LED TVs should know. This article will provide comprehensive information about LED TV life, which readers will find very helpful if they are thinking about buying one for themselves.
Understanding TV Life Expectancy

TV Life expectancy pertains to the duration of time that the unit will be able to function. The advancements in technology have paved the way for television sets to last longer and longer. The use of durable and long-lasting materials has also contributed to this phenomenon, and while in the past, people expected TVs to work no longer than a few years, now this is no longer the case. However, take note that its lifespan would depend largely on its light source; it is a critical component that could determine how long (or short) a TV will last.

What Experts Say About LED TV Life

A lot has been said about LED TV life. Some say it could last 25,000 hours, while others insist it will live much longer than that, at about 100,000 hours. Because LED TVs are relatively new to the market, there is no clear-cut answer on how long it can last exactly. However, experts agree that LED TV is slightly more resilient than traditional LCD TVs, in terms of lighting capabilities. Considering that LED TVs are made of light emission diodes for backlighting, it is true that it can hold out longer than regular fluorescent bulbs.

Factors that Shorten LED TV Life

Just like anything else, there are factors that can affect the lifespan of a LED TV. These include usage and temperature. Owners should be wary about exposing a LED TV to moisture because it can generate heat, which in turn, could cause light output to drop. In the same way, temperature also has an effect on the lifespan of a LED TV. It has been found that when constantly exposed to room temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, its lifespan could be cut short by at least a few years.

Factors that Extend LED TV Life

There are things you can do to ensure that your LED TV lasts for a long time. First, make sure to turn it off every time it is not in use. Many people only put it on Sleep mode when they leave the house for work; powering it off is recommended so that it will not generate heat. Second, follow normal viewing habits, which is about 8 hours everyday on average. This could help your LED TV last for more than a decade. In fact, experts agree that this could extend the lifespan by 20 years!

Most of what consumers need to know about LED TVís lifespan have been mentioned above. However, if you really want an LED TV that will last for many years, it pays to purchase a reputable brand. Buying unknown brands may save you a few hundred dollars but you can get higher quality LED bulbs that will last much longer with the more popular brand names.