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LED TV Drawbacks

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding flat screen TVs that use light emission diode (LED) technology, and sometimes people cannot help but wonder if there is any drawback to it. The one thing people need to understand is that every product has its pros and cons, and LED TV is no exception. This article will talk about Led TV drawbacks to give potential buyers unbiased information about this TV thatís built with exceptional technology.

Picture Quality

Is picture quality one of the Led TV drawbacks? The answer is No. In fact, its picture quality is comparable to Plasma TV and way better than an ordinary LCD TV. This is because of the backlighting technology it uses (LED) that makes possible better resolution, brighter hues, and darker shades than what can be observed with an LCD TV. People can expect more realistic colors with a LED TV, and if you are already amazed with what an LCD TV can do, this will impress you even more.


Currently, the sizes available for LED TV are 46 inches up to 65 inches. Apparently, the available sizes are quite large compared to LCD TVs. However, if you are someone who prefers wider screens for better viewing pleasure, it is difficult to imagine this being one of the Led TV drawbacks. After all, many people buy the newest in TV technology primarily to get a feel of cinema-like viewing, as it makes the experience more real and therefore more enjoyable. This is something that cannot be achieved when you only have to contend with a 15-inch screen.

Maintenance Costs

People who think that one of the Led TV drawbacks is maintaining it are mistaken. LED TVs do not require much maintenance at all, and as long as owners take extra care in ensuring that the TV is kept away from high temperatures and moisture, you can expect these units to last for at least a decade. Additionally, LED TVs do not eat up much of your electricity bill. Many brands claim that their LED TV models can help owners save as much as 50% in energy consumption, which is a very good thing.

Perhaps the only drawback that can be pointed out for LED TV is the price. Most brands can cost two thousand dollars or even more, which is a bit steep when you take into consideration that the price of a regular LCD TV is only a thousand dollars for the same size. However, people should also look into the durability and long-term benefits of LED TV. For something that lasts up to 20 years, and with an annual savings of 30-50% in energy consumption, in the long run it is still a value for money purchase.

It may be obvious by this point that not a lot can be said about Led TV drawbacks. This is because LED TVs do offer more advantages than disadvantages. Nevertheless, it is important to check for the brand name and product specifications before purchasing. Doing so would help avoid possible problems later on.