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LED TV Advantages

Many people are wondering why their friends buy Led TVs. Being slightly more expensive than a regular LCD TV, it may be hard for some to understand what all the hype is about. For those who are still trying to find answers, this article will discuss several Led TV advantages, which have convinced countless buyers to choose it over other kinds of LCD TVs.

Clearing Up the Confusion

Before going any further to discuss the Led TV advantages, it is necessary to know Led technology’s relationship with LCD technology. Led is short for light emission diode, whereas LCD is short for liquid crystal display. The LED serves as the backlighting for the LCD screen, therefore making it technically part of the LCD family. This is something that buyers must clearly understand because often times, there are some confusion between them.

Picture Quality

Perhaps the most obvious advantage that Led TV has over a traditional LCD TV is the picture quality. Led TV produces more vivid images compared to fluorescent light. Led TVs have the ability to create dark areas in the screen and control it, which is something that’s missing in traditional LCD TVs. Both edge lighting and full-array backlighting have the capability to adjust black levels, allowing for darker blacks and significantly better dark scenes. Moreover, accuracy in backlighting for colored pictures is also better with Led TVs.


For functionality, one of the most prominent Led TV advantages is the size. Many of them are just an inch thick, which is in stark contrast to traditional LCD TVs. Additionally, Led TVs are well suited for computer use and for video playback. Another thing that is worth mentioning here, although not true for all Led TVs being released today, is that majority of them have faster response times when downloading movies and games. Many of today’s LED HDTVs are also equipped with auto motions, allowing for a more enjoyable entertainment.

Value for Money

Admittedly, Led TVs cost more than traditional LCD TVs. However, the technology used in such TVs makes it more energy efficient by around 20-40%, particularly when using the edge lighting Led TV. Moreover, many of today’s most reputable TV manufacturers guarantee a hundred thousand hours lifespan for Led TVs, and when you consider the amount of money you can save from energy consumption and the lifetime of the television, it is easy to figure out that it does provide good value for money, long-term wise.

Environmental Considerations

Aside from the Led TV advantages mentioned above, it is worth mentioning that Led TV also has environmental benefits. It does not utilize mercury during production, unlike other traditional LCD TVs, and at the same time, it uses lesser amounts of carbon dioxide. When taking these into consideration, along with the fact that it uses considerably less power than others, it is safe to say that Led TV is environmentally friendly.

The considerations listed above are basically the Led TV advantages that have convinced many people to patronize Led TVs. If you are thinking about buying one, hopefully this article has helped you in coming up with an informed decision.