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The latest contribution to the LED TV industry has come from JVC by means of the GD-32X1 JVC Led TV. Showcased at the CEDIA expo last year, this LED TV stands out from many other competitors because of its super slim design.

Slim Design

One of the first things that catch the eye about the JVC Led TV is its ultra skinny design. With a screen size of 32 inches and thickness of just 7mm, this LED TV certainly is one of the slimmer LED models around. Only the lower half of the LED TV is thicker in order to facilitate fitting of required electronic components. Compared to other TVs from JVC, this one happens to be the slimmest till date. The only bulk in thickness stems from connectivity. The chassis has inputs of 2x HDMI along with SD card slots, USB stick as well as PC input. Currently, this television is mainly being marketed at the market comprising post-production. However, very soon these LED TVs might be targeted at the consumer segment as well and prices are anticipated at around 2000 dollars.


The JVC Led TV comes with a very high contrast ratio of around 4000:1 and the color space is around 90% RGB. With a weight of less than 5 Kg, this LED TV is extremely lightweight and portable. The high definition resolution of 1920x1080p and presence of image processing mechanism called Genessa Premium work to provide exceptional picture and viewing clarity. The GD-32X1 model has an edge array feature, which means that only the edges of the LED TV are lit as opposed to the entire screen surface. Nevertheless, that does not compromise much on picture quality.

Other Design Elements

The JVC Led TV also comes with a brightness of around 400cd/m2. The special image engine called Genessa along with image processing of 12 bit helps deliver high quality imagery. The Genessa engine is also responsible for noise reduction. Video as well as audio files can be directly played on the LED TV by means of SDHC or SD card slots and USB ports. The overall measurement of the entire unit is around 772.5x22.5x496mm. It is expected that this LED TV will be initially launched in Japan after, which it will be available in other countries worldwide.


The fact that the weight of the JVC LED backlight TV is just 12.57 lb. means that it can be installed using a variety of methods. The manufacturers claim that this LED TV can be hung from the ceiling, over movable glass stands as well as over sliding doors. Thus, it seems the possibilities are quite extensive when it comes to installing this lightweight LED TV. When surveyed, the majority of consumers rated ‘weight’ as being a significant factor in a buying decision as they wanted to mount the LED TV on a wall.

While most LED manufacturers are eyeing the consumer market, JVC has its sights set predominantly on the office, retail as well as medical segments. The super slim JVC Led TV along with its edge-lit technology and refresh rate of 100 Hz is expected to be a huge hit in the post-production space.