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Hitachi LED TV

The recent partnership between Hitachi and SRS Labs is expected to amp up the surround sound experiences in their LED TVs. The SRS TruSurround XT in the Hitachi Led TV will provide surround sound features without users having to buy any extra speakers. These series of Hitachi LED televisions will enable users to enjoy rich bass along with high clarity in dialog with just a few speakers.

SRS TruSurround XT

The SRS TruSurround XT technology is what is responsible for that theater experience at home. Perfect surround sound is possible with the Hitachi Led TV using just the two inbuilt speakers on the TV. When it comes to multi-channel content, the sound effect would be more prominent, making sound clarity perfect across all angles in the room. The aim of the new technology behind the LED TV is to provide consumers with theater ambience and entertainment in the comfort of home. Currently, models such as the LE55X04A, LE47XO4A as well as LE42XO4A and LE32AO4A are being shipped along with the technology.

L42-XPO5 Model

Out of the new Hitachi Led TV models in the market, the L42-XPO5 is a classic 42 inch HDTV LED, which has been included as part of the Wooo XPO5 range of HDTVs. With a high definition resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, picture clarity is superb. All redundant glares are reduced in this model. The presence of image recognition sensors will change brightness depending on the particular scene playing on the television. With various other features like color limiter, dynamic contrast and 3-D color management, the Hitachi LED televisions are truly some of the best around these days.

Pushing Boundaries

With many LED TV manufacturers focusing on aspects such as eco-friendliness and design elements, the Hitachi Led TV is pushing the boundary as far as sound quality is concerned. With the SRS TruSurround XT technology, it raises the bar in terms of what viewers have come to or will come to expect in future LED TVs. Until now, surround sound had never been implemented in LED TVs but with Hitachiís bold new venture and partnership, this trend is expected to change rapidly. With viewers being increasingly picky about the viewing experience they get on television, coupled with the inherent power savings on an LED TV, the Hitachi models are poised to kick up a storm in the market.

Minimal Speakers

Unlike conventional surround sound systems, which require the presence of multiple speakers to facilitate the sound experience, the Hitachi Led TV only needs the basic two speakers as part of its TV. The TruSurround technology is available in specific models amongst the Hitachi LED TVs and users do not need to install any additional speakers. This makes installation easier and a blessing for homes, which have space constraints.

The Hitachi range of LED TVs certainly go a step further in retaining the ultra slim design and attractive picture clarity but also incorporate surround sound. This combination not only enhances viewing experience but also the sound quality. When it comes to multiple persons viewing the same program on an LED TV, surround sound can provide the ultimate experience.