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Environment Friendly LED TV Technology

With global warming becoming a huge concern for the environment and more people looking at eco-friendly alternatives, the LED TV is fast being perceived as a way to achieve just that – a greener earth. The environment friendly LED TV technology uses LEDs for backlighting across the screen. LEDs function more efficiently, save more on power, have a longer lifespan which, in turn, is what makes them environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly Screens

Samsung has recently doled out its 30 and 50 environment friendly LED TV technology display series. These screens are being marketed as eco-friendly, while also providing comfortable viewing. With 1080p resolution, response time of just 2ms and aspect ratio of 16:9, these series certainly offer all the latest benefits associated with LED TVs. However, that’s not all as the backlit monitors use 40% lesser energy compared to other conventional LED screens. By incorporating a ‘Magic Angle’, which centers images from all angles, viewing is automatically made more comfortable.

Lower Power Consumption

With many layoffs happening and recession still leaving its traces behind, people are looking for ways to save on their electricity bills. The LC52LE700X LED TV from Sharp comes with environment friendly LED TV technology. This particular model facilitates more energy savings compared to most other models. The power consumption on this model is just around 173 watts. The LED TV also emits lesser amounts of heat and can boost the life of the backlighting to about 100,000 hours.

Mercury-Free LED TV

ViewSonic has recently launched the brand new VT2300LED. This LED TV is mercury-free and provides energy savings between 30-50% compared to conventional LCD panels. With high picture quality facilitating natural-looking tones, this environment friendly LED TV technology TV delivers in many aspects. These ranges of LED TVs come in perfect sizes for easy mounting on walls, have vibrant colors and provide excellent detail. This high definition LED TV provides great viewing experience while also being gentle on the environment. The response times are just 5ms, resolution is 1080p and the screen facilitates rich colors.

Ambient Light Sensors

Philips is one of the companies to incorporate ambient lighting sensors into its latest LED TVs. The Funai/Philips combination LED TVs of the Eco TV 7000 is ultra slim and uses advanced forms of LED technology to ensure maximum energy savings. The presence of an ambient lighting sensor mechanism reduces energy consumption without compromising on performance aspects. Carbon footprints are minimized by using fewer materials during manufacture. The individual components are devoid of mercury or lead, making them safe and eco-friendly to use. It is anticipated that the 5000, 4000 and 7000 series of these LED sets will be launched by middle of the year.

One of the best things about environment friendly LED TV technology is that it serves as an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on features. In fact, if anything, such technology only enhances viewing experience while cutting down on usage costs, electricity bills as well as power consumption. By using environmentally-friendly components, carbon emissions are also reduced as a result.