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Cheap LED TV

For those consumers looking for a cheap LED TV, they just might be in luck. While earlier it was almost impossible to consider getting a reasonably priced LED set, these days many online and offline stores stock these TVs at cheap prices.

Sharp LC-40LE600E

In terms of a cheap LED TV, the LC-40LE600E is one of the best around. The LED TV from Sharp is quite thick when compared to slimmer versions such as those from Samsung. However, this also works to the advantage of the Sharp LED TV because it is able to provide local dimming features. With a cost of around 1000 dollars, this model is certainly very promising in both features and price.

End of Year Bargains

While the Sharp LC-40LE600E might promise tremendous savings when buying, most LED TV models come at a steep price. So, if your sights are set on a high-end model, the best way to get access to a cheap LED TV would be by means of end of year bargains. Many stores would stock LEDs, which might have been all the rage last year but are not that popular now because of newer models entering the market. Thus, by opting for such clearance sales, it is possible to get a reasonable discount in the process.

Cut Cost by Size

Another way to cut down on costs when buying an LED TV would be to purchase a smaller screen size. Typically, the larger screen sizes in the range of 50-60 inches tend to be more expensive. However, buying a screen size of 40-45 inches will result in significant savings without compromising much on the viewing experience. Also, there are ‘generic’ models out there, but it has yet to be determined if quality would be compromised when buying a non name brand set.


There are significant price differences between various models of LED TVs depending on the particular manufacturer. For example, a Sony LED TV set such as the KDL-32EX700 could cost anywhere from 799 to 899 dollars. This is a 32 inch screen size and it is easy to get a Sharp LC-40LE800E 40 inch LED TV for almost the same price. This aspect highlights the vast differences in prices between manufacturers. Yet, some manufacturers represent a monopoly of sorts and consumers have immense faith in the quality, which makes price seem secondary.

Online Auctions

These days, there are several online auction sites such as eBay, which allow sellers to post LED TVs up for auctioning. Bidders get to bid on the LED TV and the highest bidder wins. The reason this approach can work to get a cheap LED TV is because the final bid price and shipping cumulatively amounts to lesser than the prevailing market rates. Sometimes, a person can be lucky enough to get the latest LED TV model for a substantially low price just by bidding online.

It is easy to get access to a cheap LED TV by following any or all of the above-mentioned approaches. However, what is important is to keep an open mind, invest time to do a bit of research and perform price comparison amongst different models. This will ensure the best bargain on the market.