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It takes assessment of several factors to buy LED TV. With so many LED manufacturers saturating the market, it can be a tad confusing to select the most appropriate model. Here are a few tips to help consumers choose an LED TV, which matches their requirements perfectly.

Budget Considerations

One of the very first aspects to consider when a person decides to buy LED TV is to assess his or her budget. Some models of LED TVs can cost around 1800 dollars while the more high-end versions can extend to even 5000 dollars. The price varies according to feature sets and technology comprising the model. It also depends on the manufacturer in question. If it is a Sony LED TV, the price will typically be much more than an LED TV from say LG or Sharp. Thus, before shopping for an LED television, it is important to determine the amount you wish to spend.

Edge or Full Array

The second stage is to determine whether the preference is towards edge array or full array LED TVs. The full array versions tend to be as thick as conventional LCD TVs. Such LED televisions have the distinct benefit of back lights being consistently spread through the back of the screen. Therefore, this construction ensures equal brightness throughout the surface of the screen. In contrast, edge array versions are ultra slim and hence perfect for easy mounting on walls. Some models are just 25mm in thickness and so can accommodate back lighting only around edges.

Local Store or Online

After assessing the individual features and design elements, the subsequent decision will entail whether to buy LED TV from the internet or a local store. It pays to invest some time to research about the various models available. All models of LED TVs are created differently and hence features will vary. If the plan is to purchase from a local store, it is best to peruse some of the models and take home the brochures pertaining to each. This will aid in research and comparison across models. If purchasing online, there are several reviews and customer opinions posted. These will aid in the decision-making process of zeroing on a particular model. Make sure to scrutinize all specifications of the model in question for a complete analysis.


One of the advantages of LED TVs is their sophisticated design and aesthetic appeal. These days, most LED televisions come in slim format, making them more attractive. Some of them are thin enough to resemble a picture frame. When deciding to buy LED TV of a large size such as a 55 or 60 inch version, it will most likely be the focal point of the room. Hence, design and appearance does matter. There are online guides which suggest the most optimal TV size to have depending on the size of the room in question. Based on this, a decision can be made.

There are many latest LED TV models available on the market, and all of them vary based on size, thickness, picture clarity and other aspects. The final decision to buy LED TV should be made after considering all these factors individually.