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Biggest LED TV

Size does matter when it comes to LED TVs. After all, the bigger the screen size, the more enjoyable the experience of watching television. While many television major manufacturers are upping their screen sizes when it comes to LED TVs, it is Sony that has managed to capture the slot of manufacturing the biggest LED TV. With a screen size of 60 inches and powerful features to match, it is the best out of the lot. There are, of course, other models from various manufacturers as well. Following is an assortment of the biggest LED TVs by brand.

Sony EX700 Series

The super slim Sony EX700 series of LED TVs boasts fluid motion with Motionflow technology, even within fast paced movie scenes. It facilitates internet access to ensure streaming content such as TV shows, movies, and music videos from various sites online. The high contrast ratio coupled with stunning picture clarity and slim format makes this model a must-have on every LED TV enthusiastís list. Watching movies becomes more realistic with fluid movement and fast-action games, and sporting action becomes more interesting as well. The presence of an ambient sensor changes the brightness and color depending on surrounding lighting. Undoubtedly, when it comes to the biggest LED TV, Sony EX700 tops the list.

Samsung UN55B6000 Series

Though not as big as the 60 inch Sony LED, the Samsung UN55B6000 still packs a punch. With a large 55 inch screen size, and measuring just about an inch in thickness, it is definitely one of the slimmest LED sets around. With features like five colors presets and high quality dejudder processing, these LED TVs also have noise reduction elements. Special power saver modes help maximize on energy efficiency, while there are extensive controls for ensuring optimal picture quality. With vivid black levels and super-slim format, this LED TV is perfect for those individuals with a sense of style. Although it is not the biggest LED TV, it certainly has an abundance of features considering its ultra thin size.

Sharp AQUOS LC52LE700UN Series

The LC52LE700UN series from Sharp combines AQUOS panel LCD technology with a holistic LED backlight system. With superior technology by means of the AQUOS and LED engineering innovations, the screen is illuminated to high levels of brightness as well as superior contrast levels. The television screen size may not be the biggest LED TV, but this 52 inch display television has a very long lifespan, minimizes power consumption, and does not include any heavy metals such as mercury as part of its construction. The unique pixel design facilitates passage of more light without any light leakage which results in deep black levels and vivid imagery.

LG 47SL90 Series

In terms of cosmetic value, the LG 47SL90 is the best so far. This super slim, smart-looking LED TV comes with a self-contained border. With a 47 inch screen size, it may not be the biggest LED TV, but it is counted as one of the larger LED TVs available on the market to date. The superior picture quality makes movie watching a true experience, especially with the 1080I and 1080P modes resulting in superior performance. This television does exceptionally well with HD sources like the BlueRay player.

When watching movies in high definition is priority, and consumers want to replicate the ambience of a theater, some of these biggest LED TV models will help make this a reality. While they may be a little more costly than LCD TVs, the prices are continually coming down, and the superior quality of picture far outweighs a few dollars more in price.